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Activities to Do in Wandiligong


Wandiligong is a small town in Australia that you can visit and explore within a day. It is a beautiful town and the townspeople are generous to visitors. It is generally a stop on the way to neighboring cities but if you plan for a quiet weekend getaway, this town will be perfect for some much needed rest and relaxation.

You can check accommodation booking Wandiligong to see the options available. If you book a cottage that comes with its own pantry, you will be able to stock up with some essential items from the general store and enjoy the change in scenery. Wandiligong is famous for its gold rush in the mid-1850s and the population of the town drastically increased at this time.

There are many historical buildings in this town that you can view and visit such as the Manchester Unity public hall and several unique churches. There are also many small cottages that dot the landscape and they create an idyllic picture for visitors. Some of the cottages are offered as accommodation so you can try to locate some online before you go.

If you are interested in the gold history of Wandiligong, you can visit “The Diggings” which was the site where most of the mining occurred. There are many walking tracks that lead to this and you will be able to spend a lovely day walking through the town and exploring its history. You will also come across several footbridges. One such footbridge is the Chinese Swing Bridge which was named after the Chinese that lived in the area during its famous gold rush.

You can drive along Morses Creek Road and across Morses Creek to reach a valley of farms and various fruit orchards. Wherever you go in Wandiligong, there is a stunning backdrop of natural beauty. You can experience this on the School Road as well which passes the Primary School of Wandiligong. You can also visit the Burke Museum that is a natural history museum that will have a Victoria styled collection. There are taxidermy collections of different birds and you can also view the possessions of Ned Kelly and documents that tell his story.

If you are looking for adventure, you can visit the Wandiligong Maze in Bright. You can take a cab to reach this destination. This is the largest living hedge maze in Australia. The pathways are about 2Km long and they are all surrounded by beautifully tended gardens. You can also visit the National Trust Classified Wandiligong Township and the valley. You can also hike to the Fainter Falls.

It is not a very challenging climb and people of all ages will be able to manage this climb without much difficulty. You will be able to see the Kiewa River along this route from a distance. If you go in the rainy season, you will be able to see the powerful gushing of the fall. The water flow is reduced in the summer, however. You will also be able to spot black cockatoos on the trail as well.

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