Features to Consider When Buying a Lift Chair


There is a lot of comfort and functionality offered by lift chairs to individuals that need help with standing up and sitting down. You may be looking to manage mobility issues or you may be recovering from surgery; the lift chair can be a helpful companion to you. You can even purchase it so that your daily life can be improved. There are many options provided in lift chairs and you can choose what best suits your lifestyle.

The lift mechanism is the main focus in the chair

And this is what raises and lowers the chair smoothly so that the users can be assisted when they want to stand up or sit down. There are two position life chairs that will provide the basic functionality with two primary positions which are lifted and seated. If you are buying the chair so that you need to be assisted when standing up from a seated position in the chair, this is an ideal option to consider. There are also three position or infinite position lift chairs where you can enjoy greater versatility. With these chairs, you can recline to different angles depending on what you find most comfortable. These are ideal for users that prefer multiple positions for seating.

You can also enjoy additional recline options with these chairs

You have to consider the size and weight capacity of the chair. These chairs come in different sizes so that different body types can be accommodated along with heights. If you are purchasing a lift chair for yourself, you need to measure your weight and height so that the right size and weight capacity for the chair can be determined. Some other factors to consider are width, depth and height of the seat. Different types of lift chairs will offer different recline options. Some chairs will have the basic recline positions while others will provide so many different options so that you can customise your comfort. There are also lift chairs with massage options for greater comfort. You have to consider your mobility needs and preferences when choosing the recline options and additional features for the chair. To improve comfort, you can look into features like lumbar support, adjustable headrests and footrest elevation.

The materials and upholstery of

The chair has to be considered as well because this will have an effect on its comfort and durability. It will also add to the aesthetics of the lift chair. Some common options you will come across are leather, fabric and faux leather. You have to consider ease of cleaning, durability and breathability when choosing the materials. You can also look for moisture repellent fabric or stain resistant materials. Many lift chairs will come with a remote control or a hand controller where you can operate the recline and lift functions easily. You have to consider the design of the remote control such as the layout of buttons, size of buttons and ease of use. You can look for programmable pre-sets, illuminated buttons and wireless options.

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