Preventative Chiropractic Care for Dogs


Many humans benefit from regular chiropractic care and the same can be said of animals such as dogs. Your dog doesn’t need to have an issue for you to start looking for an animal chiropractor. You can take them to chiropractic sessions as preventative care. The chiropractor will be able to address smallimbalances and misalignments of the spine and joints so that they don’t become serious health issues.

You can look for dog chiropractors Melbourne and ask your veterinarian for a referral as well so that both veterinary care and chiropractic care can be done in parallel. When it comes to preventative chiropractic care for dogs, the chiropractor will carry out regular assessments and adjustments so that their spinal alignment and joint function can be maintained. But reactive chiropractic care occurs where there are existing injuries or issues to address. The focus in preventative care is being proactive when it comes to identifying minor misalignments and correcting them before they impair the mobility of your dog or cause them discomfort. There are many benefits of these sessions and one of them is that it can help maintain the proper alignment of the joints and spine. These sessions can help reduce wear and tear on cartilage so that degenerative changes can be prevented. This is a great way to prevent conditions like arthritis from occurring.

Chiropractic care looks into optimising

The range of movement and joint function of the dog so that they can move comfortably and freely. This can be when they are running to chase a ball, participating in sports, navigating stairs etc. If you have working dogs, this can be very beneficial as they need to be mobile and agile. When there are minor misalignments in the joints and spine, this can cause discomfort to the dog. If these are not treated, it can lead to chronic pain. With preventative chiropractic care, these issues can be identified and corrected so that they don’t escalate into very serious conditions. Dogs are prone to injuries especially if they are involved in vigorous play or athletic activities. With regular chiropractic adjustments, injuries can be prevented because their biomechanical imbalances are addressed. This can help reduce the strain on their joints, ligaments and muscles.

If you have an older dog,

It is quite common for them to experience changes in their joint function and movement with age and this can be due to many conditions such as degenerative disc disease, arthritis etc. But these issues can be managed with chiropractic care and their quality of life can be improved. During a preventative chiropractic visit, there will be a comprehensive assessment of your dog’s musculoskeletal system done. The chiropractor will feel for any areas of restriction, misalignment or tension. They will check the range of movement of the dog and identify whether there are any irregularities in their gait. Based on the findings of the assessment, gentle adjustments will be performed so that the imbalances or misalignments can be corrected.

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