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Essential Amenities in a Holiday Home


When booking a holiday home, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure you are comfortable. You will be able to obtain a more personalised accommodation compared to a hotel and you can actually cook your own food and entertain guests in the living area.

A big advantage when it comes to the Perth holiday house is that you will have access to a fully equipped kitchen. This will have all the appliances you need to prepare food such as a stove, oven, microwave, fridge and dishwasher. While these are standard appliances, make sure to read the facilities carefully when you select a holiday home. And if something is not mentioned on the list, you can contact the website or company advertising the holiday home and ask for clarifications. You can prepare your own meals when you have a kitchen and you will also be able to store leftovers and other food in the fridge. Sometimes it can be a hassle to go outside for breakfast; you can have a leisurely breakfast when you have a fully equipped kitchen in the holiday home.         

Consider the level of comfort provided by the bedrooms at the holiday home

Some of the things you can look for are whether they provide bed linens, quality mattresses and pillows. It is important to book a holiday home with multiple bedrooms when you are travelling with family. In addition to comfortable bedrooms, there should be sufficient storage space such as closets. It can put a damper on your holiday when you have badly kept bathrooms at the holiday home. You need to look for functional and spacious bathrooms that have essential amenities such as a shower, sink and toilet.

Check whether they have provided sufficient storage for toiletries. The photos posted by those who have visited the holiday home previously will give you an idea of the level of maintenance provided. Check with the holiday home whether they provide clean towels and toiletries. A hairdryer will also be quite useful along with power sockets for shavers. If you’re travelling by car, it is very important to check if there is ample parking space.

You need to check ahead whether there is a reliable internet connection provided

This is important even if you’re staying for a short time. This will make it possible for you to work remotely of required and stay connected with your loved ones. Ask about data limitations when it comes to their Wi-Fi access. Consider the entertainment options you have at the holiday home such as a DVD player, TV with cable or satellite channels, streaming services etc. Board games and books are also delightful additions. Check whether there is outdoor space provided such as a balcony, a private garden or a private deck. This will enrich your holiday as you can relax outdoors. And depending on your stay, it is very useful to have a washer and dryer. If there is no dedicated equipment, you can check whether there is a communal laundry area on the property.

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