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Reasons to Have an EV Installation in Your Home


If you have an electrical vehicle, it can be a hassle if you always need to search for a public charging station in your route or wait in line at a charging station near your home. It can be a little frustrating if you have an emergency or if you need to go somewhere early in the morning. You can never tell how long the delay for charging your vehicle will be.

Installing a home EV charging station can be the answer if you are tired of waiting in line or frustrated with not having the freedom to charge when you want. If this is something you are interested in, you can look for an electrician that has experience installing EV charging stations. The biggest benefit of having a charging station is the increased convenience. Many people tend to charge their vehicle at home overnight so that it is ready for them in the morning. You can wake up fresh without having to wait in line at your local charging station or frantically look for a charging station on your route to work. This can take a lot of stress and worry off your shoulders and you will be able to plan your day more easily.

You can get stuck in traffic after you have waited in line and waited for your vehicle to charge delaying you when reaching your destination. And you can never predict how much time you will need to wait in line even if you go to the charging station early. But with a home charging station, your vehicle will be charging when you are asleep and you will be confident that your vehicle will have sufficient range for your tasks on the following day.

It is generally cheaper to drive an electrical vehicle as gas prices are rising every day. But you will not need to consider the expenses of charging at a public charging station if you have a charging station at home. This can be beneficial if your electricity costs are lower. Also, if you live in a sunny area that has a lot of sun throughout the year, you can invest in solar panels so that your electricity bill can come down and it can provide sufficient electricity to your vehicle as well.

If you tend to use public charging stations, they usually charge a high rate when you are using it during the day. And you are not just paying for the electricity in a public charging station. The cost will also include their overheads such as maintenance of the station, rent payments etc.

While you may find free public charging stations at malls, you will be spending time and money at the establishment during the charging time. Also, it can take a long time for your vehicle to charge at a public charging station. The alternative will be choosing a fast charging station but they will have higher rates which can add up over time.

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